Nefertiti Lift

Through time immemorial, a defined, sharply-contoured jawline has been regarded as one of the hallmarks of enduring beauty. Impeccable sharp lines of the jaw and neck are still seen as authentic traits of confidence, beauty and youth. But with age, as the skin begins to lose its natural suppleness and plumpness, the muscles under the jaw tend to pull down the cheeks, leading to loss of jawline definition and flattened cheeks. As the same muscles that cause wrinkles also lead to loss of a defined jawline, anti-wrinkle treatments such as BOTOX® , Xeomin or Dysport can be used to lift the neck and bring back the definition.

At Eternal Beauty Medical Aesthetics, BOTOX® or Dysport injections are applied along the lower jawline, decreasing the downward-pull of the cheek by muscles under the jaw. As the 'downward-pulling' muscles are relaxed, the 'upward-pulling' facial muscles hold the cheek up without resistance. The Nefertiti Lift reverses the balance of muscle power, giving a toned and defined jawline. Although it's a new procedure, the main compound in the treatment has been tried-and-tested and perfected over the years. The result? A highly-effective treatment that can turn back the clock with tighter, tauter skin for a sharp and contoured jawline.

When the lines of the jaw and neck are straight and defined, it gives the face an unparalleled quality of youthfulness and refinement. In medical beauty procedures, the Nefertiti Lift delivers one of the most striking changes, and when repeated every three to four months, keeps the jawline taut, straight and defined at all times.

We recommend 30 units of BOTOX® or Xeomin or 75 units of Dysport for the Nefertiti Lift. However, the amount required will depend on the individual and the desired effect. For best results, consult with one of our trained specialists before the procedure.